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Rosewood Interchangeable Needle set by Plymouth

A beautiful set of interchangeables in their own carrying case - with cords, connectors, tighteners and endcaps. Everything you need knit in any size - and lovely to slip into your purse or bag and take everywhere. Especially good for travel. An extra cord or tip or two will help expand the set so you ALWAYS have the tip you need.

The Details:
Needle tips: 9 Rosewood Tips sizes 4 - 11 (Includes a 10.5 tip)
Cords to produce length: 20, 24, 32, 40" Needles
8 Cord Caps Screw onto the end of cords to turn the needles into single point sets or hold your work in place on one project while you use the tips on another cord
2 Cord Keys Used for tightening your needle tip onto your cord. Please take care to not over-tighten, which could prevent removal of the tip from the cord
1 Cord Connector to allow you to combine 2 of the cords into one extra long cord

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