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Shibui Yarn - Tweed Silk Cloud

Abyss (2001)
Deep Water (2185)
Ash (2003)
Dusk (2186)
Cove (2038)
Pollen (2041)
Tar (11)
Tango (2037)
Velvet (2017)
Bone (2181)
White (2180)
Vintage Rose (Julie Hoover) 2207
Black Plum (Julie Hoover) 2206
Glacier (Julie Hoover) 2208
Crete (2201)
Paloma (2200)

Glossy silk and wispy kid mohair unite in this luminous lace weight yarn with a touch of tweed - Slightly crunchier than the regular silk, this yarn has a unique texture because of the form of the silk, which is more like a raw silk then the processed mohair in the silk cloud. 

65% Silk, 35% Kid Mohair, 190 yds / 174 m, lace weight / 25 g skein Gauge: 16-18 Stitches =4" on US7/4.5mm BUT may be used on much larger needles for openwork - gauge is dependent on needle and project.

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