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Addi circular Knitting Needles

Addi Knitting needles have definitely become the gold standard in metal knitting needles. Here's our description of how the tips on these needles differ and how you can apply that to your own needs and choose the tip that is right for you.

ADDI's come in a variety of 'flavors'. 

ADDI TURBO - the basic cicular with the classic add tip

ADDI ROCKET - Lace Tips with the TURBO finish

ADD Squared - Rockets in a Unique, Square shape for ease of knitting and those with RSI or arthritix

ADDI OLIVEWOOD - Gorgeous wood needles with a marvelous tip and amazing coloration

ADDI EWENICORN - Brand new, these needle have a unique swirl design and a fabulous PINK SOS cord! 


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