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Wrap yourself in yak luxury with Myak Yak Knitting Yarn. Myaks beautiful yak yarns are as cozy and comforting as theyare stunning, creating garments that feel as good as they look. Yak hair is naturally soft, warm and resilient, making this yarn ideal for knitting sweaters, scarves, hats and more. The natural fibers breathe beautifully, regulating temperature and wicking away moisture, so your handmade creations will keep you comfortable all season long. Available in a rainbow of colors, this yak yarn allows you to craft stylish, heirloom-quality pieces for yourself and loved ones. So grab your needles and let the knitting begin - you'll quickly fall for the buttery softness and luxurious drape that only pure yak yarn can provide.

Myak has been living and working with the nomadic herders of the Tibetan Plateau for more than twenty years, respecting their traditions and sharing their way of life and work. More than simply purchasing the fiber obtained from the combing of the baby yaks and the cashmere goats they are contributing towards the future of a nomadic population representing one of the most ancient in the world.

Treated with the utmost respect for its natural origin and artisanal skills involved in its processing. Pastures are controlled to avoid animal overcrowding and down is collected through combing and not shearing. No depigmentation and high-quality manufacturing, with carded spinning, reserved for the world’s most precious yarns.

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