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MYAK - Baby Yak - Medium


MYAK - Baby Yak - Medium

$ 25.00

Baby yak is the bedrock of  yak yarns. Baby yak has a similar micron count around 17 microns to cashmere. It is warm and lustrous, lightweight and breathable, making it perfect through the seasons. Baby Yak - Medium is a stunningly soft, fabulously luxurious - sport weight yak yarn, unlike any other yarn in its texture and softness.

According to the down color, dyes take differntly to the different downs. Different tones in of soft colors evoke the five elements of nature. Most yaks are of an intense shade, therefore light colors are very rare and even more precious.

Category: Sport Weight Yak
Weight (gr)/(oz): 50 / 1.76
Length (mt)/(yds): 117 / 125
Needles:4.5 mm -  5.5 mm (US 7-9)
Natural colors: Chocolate, Desert and Oatmeal

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