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Artyarns Beaded Silk & Sequins Light (H Series)

H1 Silver
H1 Gold
H2 Silver
H2 Gold
H3 Silver
H3 Gold
H4 Silver
H4 Gold
H5 Silver
H5 Gold
H6 Silver
H6 Gold
H7 Silver
H7 Gold
H8 Silver
H8 Gold
H9 Silver
H9 Gold
H10 Silver
H10 Gold
H11 Silver
H11 Gold
H12 Silver
H12 Gold
H13 Silver
H13 Gold
H14 Silver
H14 Gold
H15 Silver
H15 Gold
H16 Silver
H16 Gold
H17 Silver
H17 Gold
H18 Silver
H18 Gold
H19 Silver
H19 Gold
H20 Silver
H20 Gold
H21 Silver
H21 Gold
H22 Silver
H22 Gold
H23 Silver
H23 Gold
H24 Silver
H24 Gold
H25 Silver
H25 Gold
H26 Silver
H26 Gold
H27 Silver
H27 Gold
H28 Silver
H28 Gold
H29 Silver
H29 Gold
H30 Silver
H30 Gold
H31 Silver
H31 Gold
H32 Silver
H32 Gold
H33 Silver
H33 Gold
H34 Silver
H34 Gold
H35 Silver
H35 Gold
H36 Silver
H36 Gold
H37 Silver
H37 Gold
H38 Silver
H38 Gold
H11 Gunmetal
Artyarns newest delight - beaded silk with sequins Light! 110 Yards of heavenliness. Crisp, shiny - wonderful for lightweight shawls or even crocheted jewelry- this is a stunning choice for any project! And with every purchase - a free pattern Ebook with 7 Gorgeous Patterns for this yarn!í«ÌÎ_100% Silk with Beads & Sequins
50 grams 100 meters/110 yards
GAUGE: 4.5 Stitches per inch on #7