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Galler Yarns - Superfine Bulky

Angelic (SB12)
Azure (SB28)
Blush (SB24)
Bubbly (SB01)
Cherish (SB07)
Chow Chow (SB02)
Cricket (SB17)
Dolly (SB08)
Edit (SB19)
Evergreen (SB15)
Feathers (SB11)
Fresh (SB16)
Jeanie (SB14)
Juice (SB22)
Koala (SB05)
Lea (SB06)
Moxy (SB26)
Outline (SB13)
Pop Pink (SB27)
Pure (SB00)
Sable (SB03)
Sunny (SB09)
Sweetie (SB10)
Teddy (SB04)
Tropic (SB30)
Velvet (SB18)

This gorgeous bulky knits up fast, is incredibly soft, and gives you luscious, fab knits to wear forever! 100% Superfine Merino Wool Made in Peru 107yards/ approx. 8.8 oz.skeins