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Jade Sapphire Cashmere - OOOH Bulky Brushed Cashmere

Apparation 04 (Light Grey)
Blackout (14)
Cameo 09 (Soft Rose)
Chartrish 07 (Lime)
Cherubim (11) (Lavender)
Haint Blue (12) (Navy)
La Vie En Rose (15) (NEON PINK)
Oblivion 06 (Charcoal Black)
Ouija Vanilla 02 (Vanilla)
Phantasm 01 (White)
Rose Gold 10 (Mauve)
Specter 03 (Taupe)
Spellbound (13)
Tinge 08 (Shell Pink)
Tuppance (16)
Wraith 05 (Grey)

I'm not sure there are words for this yarn. A giant, fuzzy, bulky yarn that is pure, unadulterated, cashmere. It's angora like in its loft and loveliness - but there is absolutely ZERO itch factor. This will love your neck, the babies head - the bedroom. There is nowhere this fantastic yarn will not go. Take it anywhere your needles beckon

100% Italian Cashmere
38 Yards / 50 Grams
Weight/Gauge: Bulky (1.5-2 St per inch)
Recommended needle: 11 - 17