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Jade Sapphire - Peeeps

Black Sesame (P17)
Blackened Berry (P10)
Blue Floss (P05)
Buttered Rum (P16)
Charred Cotton Candy (P09)
Greengage (P07)
Jade Sapphire (P15)
Julep (P04)
Kumquat (P03)
Licorice (P08)
Lychee (P02)
Meringue (P06)
NonPareil (P11)
Syllabub (P14)
Tangelo (P01)
Red Hots (P19)
Violet Mint (18)
Smoked Marshmallow (P12)
Beautiful new yarn combination of wool and brushed cashmere - stunning, with a mohair-like halo but 2x as soft!
  • Yardage: 164 (Approx.)
  • Fiber Content: 60% wool/40% cashmere
  • Needle#: 6-8
  • Gauge: 4-4.25 stitches/inch
  • Weight: 50 grams