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Jade Sapphire - Lapland OOOH! Cashmere Blanket Kit

Multicolor - 1 Skein Each Color Available
Two Color: Black/White
Two Color: Creme/Taupe
Two Color: Dark/Light Grey
Two Color: White/Cream
Two Color: Black/Dark Grey
Two Color: Black/Light Grey
Two Color: Light Grey/Creme
Two Color: Dark Grey/Creme
Three Color: White/Black/Dark Grey
Three Color: White/Black/Light Grey
Three Color: Black/Dark Grey/Light Grey
Three Color: White/Creme/Taupe
Three Color: Light Grey/Taupe/Creme
Solid: White
Solid: Creme
Solid: Taupe
Solid: Light Grey
Solid: Dark Grey
Solid: Black

This amazing blanket is simple and fast - 6 skeins of OOH knit one after the other to create the softest striped cashmere blanket you've ever touched. Packed in gift-ready kraft recycled box - add needles if you like - add gift wrap when you check out for the ultimate gift! Pattern will be emailed after your purchase - approx finished size is 30 x 40. US17 Needles were used for the blanket shown.í«ÌÎ_