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Artyarns - Inspiration Club - September 2023 - Peak Season Shawl Kit


Artyarns Gorgeous Shawl Kit can be made in any of the fibers for this colorway - Merino Cloud is shown in the sample, but this is fabulous in the Pure Silk Day Dream, or the amazingly un-scratchy Silk Mohair, or PURE Cashmere. All handpainted, all beautiful!
Combine it with Beaded silk & Sequins light or Beaded Mohair with Sequins for a fantastic edging/contrast. Shawl is approx 400 Yards but can be made larger with the larger yardage skeins (cashmere, silk mohair fingering). If you want a shawl that is 2x as large - choose one of the larger yardage fibers or double up on the merino cloud!