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Artyarns - Merino Cloud - Ombre Collection

701 Blue Thunder Ombre
702 Stepping Stones Ombre
703 Peach Blossom Ombre
704 Grassy Greens Ombre
705 Red Gradient Ombre
706 Blue Gradient Ombre
707 Fuschia Gradient Ombre
708 Purple Gradient Ombre
709 Dark Olives Ombre
710 Warm Greys Ombre
711 Cool Greys Ombre
712 Golds Gradient Ombre
714 Primary Colors
717 Lemon Ombre
719 Leaf Peeper
720 Jade Gradient Ombre
723 Fire Rainbow
726 Cream And Roses Ombre
729 Sari Neon Ombre
737 Electric Rainbow Ombre
758 Hawaii Floral
760 Witching Hour
7101 Sunset Ombre
7150 Golden Khaki Ombre
7392 Dollface Ombre
7502 Parrish Ombre
7525 Mento Ombre
7904 Mood Ring Ombre
71006 Stained Glass Ombre
71023 Jungle Boogie Ombre
71027 Floral Bouquet Ombre
71029 Wildflowers Ombre
7CC2 Vivaldi Ombre
7H47 Hot Orange And Pink
Tangerine Dream (746)
Borealis (763)

Artyarns newest color palette - an ombre that transitions from one color to the next in a sometimes gentle, sometimes crazy,  swirl of color. Beautiful hanks of merino cloud in an ombre skein that create a beautiful fade from dark to light to med and back again!

80% Merino/20 %Cashmere 100 Grams/437 Yds/Fingering