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Knitters Pride - Nova Platina Circular Needles

NOVA Circular knitting needles, made by Knitters Pride, are an incredible needle - especially when you look at how affordable they are!They are hollow brass tubes that are cast and shaped to the perfect length and tip. Then, a wonderful finish is applied that makes holding and knitting with these needle a total pleasure. In addition they have a incredibly flexible cable (that's why we call them super-flex) that does not get bent or retain its shape when stored - it is soft and pliable. The tips are just right - not extra sharp lace that hurt your fingertips, but sharp enough to give you extra accuracy - especially great for plied yarns and lacework. The finish is the best part. Smooth and silky, your stitches just glide! These go from 16" up to 47" length in sizes from 0 to 19.