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Artyarns - Regal Silk Yarn

With over 100 colors in six separate palettes, we have the largest selection of Regal Silk anywhere—most in stock + we can special order and ship you larger quantities in a week!

Sparkling, shimmering handpainted worsted weight Japanese silk, wonderful for shawls and lightweight tops—one skein will get you a hat and booties for baby. It's elegant, beautiful, and wonderful to knit—anything becomes a work of art with Artyarns Regal Silk.

Experience luxury in every stitch with Artyarns regal silk yarn. Hand painted by artisans using only the finest Japanese mulberry silk, this yarn exudes elegance and style from the moment you touch it. Knit or crochet this lustrous silk blend into timeless accessories that become treasured heirlooms, radiating the craftsmanship and care of their creation for years to come. Each skein is a work of art in itself, featuring delicate gradations and subtle color blends that shimmer with a luminous sheen. Wrap yourself in regal silk yarn to feel like royalty, inspiring your creative spirit to fashion garments that showcase your impeccable taste and passion for the finer things in life. Artyarns silk yarn - where luxury yarn meets artistic expression.


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YARDAGE: 163 YDS / 50 GM


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