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Fabulous Yarn - Peau De Soie Silk

Barbie (46)
Bleached White
Bordeaux (70)
Brunette (209)
Caramel (213)
Cardinal (40)
Champagne (22)
Copper (88)
Dark Pink
Day Glow Orange (30)
Fuschia (95)
Gold (17)
Grape (139)
Heart (108)
Hollyhock (59)
Jade (153)
Key Lime
Lemongrass (06)
Lilac (54)
Lox (75)
Mint (162)
Olive (182)
Pale Copper (214)
Peridot (184)
Pewter (252)
Plum (140)
Plum Juice (139)
Poppy (18)
Rose (115)
Royal (176)
Sage (233)
Salmon Pink (34)
Shell Pink (197)
Silver (254)
Sky (174)
Steel (297)
Turquoise (148)
Ultra Violet (127)
Undyed White/Natural

Peau de Soie silk yarn is a crisp, hand dyed silk yarn that any fiber lover will go gaga over. We've imported a beautiful silk kettle-dyed yarn in that is unlike most high-end silk yarns - it's a little funkier, a little more rock and roll. Peau de Soie silk yarn is soft yet crisp, with an almost linen-y feel. It has a wonderfully soft, not extreme luster, and the color depth is amazing. We call this a worsted silk roving because it has no twist, is not plied, and the slight thick and thin-ness throughout the strand adds to the visual interest of this yarns - at 200 yards, one skein will do a lovely short neck scarf, 2 a lovely wide and long scarf - and if you work it on large needles in a lace pattern, you won't be disappointed! Everything about this yarn, from the spinning to the skeining to the dying, is hand done, no two skeins are alike - though batches are consistent. Please order enough for your project - we'd hate for you not to have enough. This yarn is a worsted weight when knit, and works well from size 5's to size 10's - and we're testing it for more lacey-type patterns now.

The Details:

100% Hand Dyed Silk
Gauge: 4 st per inch/#7 but works wonderfully with size 5 to size 10. Great for openwork lace knitting, too!
Approx. yardage = 185 yards
Approx. Weight = 100 grams