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Zen Yarn Garden - Serenity 20 - Artwalk Series

An Orchid 1941 (Artwalk)
Blue Nude - Pablo Picasso (Artwalk)
Card Players (Artwalk)
Cote D'Azur (Artwalk)
Delft (Artwalk)
Diamond Dust Shoes - Andy Warhol (Artwalk)
Dish of Pears (Artwalk)
Eagle (Artwalk
Grief (Artwalk)
It Came Out Great! (LE)
Jetsetter (LE)
Laughter - Jill Martin (Artwalk)
Mediterranean Landscape - Pablo Picasso (Artwalk)
Mountains and Lakes (Artwalk)
No. 18 - Jackson Pollock (Artwalk)
Party in a Skein! (LE)
Petunias! (Artwalk)
Rejoice! (Artwalk)
Renoir Strawberries (Artwalk)
The Red Room (Artwalk)
Trees in Autumn - Emily Carr (Artwalk)
Walking to Church! (Artwalk)
Wine Cork (LE)

The Artwark Series in Serenity 20 is a beautiful fingering weight blend of merino, cashmere, with a hint of nylon. Inspired by works of 20th Century art, both Classic and Modern.
Please keep in mind that every single skein is unique in this brand - though they are dyed together, and they work together, and when
knit together will be gorgeous but they are not going to be 'identical' or 'perfectly matched'