We want to let our customers know that we are very aware of your concerns regarding COVID19, and that we are doing everything possible to protect ourselves, and you!

Fabulous Yarn is still operating but we are taking the following precautions:

The physical brick & mortar storefront is closed until the end of April, however local customers are welcome to order online for In-Store Pickup, and we will prep your orders and have them ready for you to pickup at the front door, contact free, or locally ship free of charge.

1) Extra care with staff: FAB Staff are working isolation shifts to prevent any contact between staff--we've staggered shifts so only one person works in the shop at a time.

2) Enhanced hygiene practices: We have vigorous (and boy, are my hands chapped) hand washing going on, as well as regular cleaning of all high-touch surfaces like screens and keyboards.

3) Your yarn is safe! The virus can't survive long on porous surfaces like yarn, but just in case, we're wearing gloves while we pack your orders! Purple Gloves.

4) Thank you for your patience! Several of us are working from home, staffing our online chat and working on email as well. Because of the staggered shifts, we may take a bit longer to resolve things like lot checks and issues with color matching which must be done in person, but we are doing our best to help you knit your way thru the crisis!

5) Our yarn vendors are still shipping! All our yarn companies are still shipping us yarn, and so far we are not experiencing any unusual shortages.

Wishing all of you Healthiness and Happiness! Stay calm and keep knitting!