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8/13/2016 So happy with this website - ordered some Magnum Chunky - best price around - but they didn't have enough in matching lots - so they ordered and got me matched lots - very important because it was a gift blanket! A few extra days and they shipped perfectly matched skeins at no extra charge. Really love having a small boutique shop that takes care of their customers and understands knitters and crocheters. - Janice Simon *****

7/13/2016 Ordered some Addi Sock Rockets and was very pleased with the quick ship time, great communication, and cute packaging when they arrived! I went back shortly after placing that order to get a couple more, but one was out of stock. I came back a couple days later and they already had more- second order placed! Excited to get them! - jennifer K *****


Found this place this weekend. Have been in upstate new york a few times, for Sheep & Wool festivals, and a few other things, and had never seen, or heard, of Fabulous Yarns. This time, on our drive back from the antique motorcycle show and swap meet, my DH noticed a tiny road side advertising this store, and we figured, might as well check it out we don’t get here often. I am SO glad we did. Tiny little shop, tucked away on a quaint little street. Adorable from the outside. Show room is small, but so well organized and with such gorgeous, pretty, pettable yarns. The two women working there were both great, she checked in quickly and then gave us time to browse and investigate without feeling like we were a bother, or watching over our shoulder. I find that when I walk into a yarn shop, not looking like a “yarny”, I sometimes get treated poorly. And this particular day I was DEFINITELY dressed for an outdoor motorcycle show. However, they still treated me incredibly well. I found myself gravitating to all my old favorites, but they had SO many, really gorgeous yarns, that I had never gotten to touch or try before. I ended up talking myself into a GORGEOUS Art yarns shawl kit with amazing jewel tones. As well as a really amazing skein of Zen Garden serenity glitter sock. Anyway, this is your board, so I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir about what a spectacular place this is, but I was so impressed that I had to write a review somewhere, I hope this is ok. I will DEFINITELY be back, whenever I make it to the area. - Shannon (from the facebook page) *****

5/24/2015 Super Experience! This was my very first time to purchase yarn online instead of in a knitting store. I believe from now on this way of purchasing my yarn, will be the way I will go. One thing I always disliked in a brick and mortar store, is that the yarn type or yarn colour a pattern calls for is NEVER available. One can get only sort of the yarn, and sort of the colour, but NEVER exactly what one needs - D *****

5/23/2015 Have always had great service! - bohmansski

5/23/2015 On line chat was excellent to help me select the knitting needle set that is right for me. I really appreciated the expert advice and warm conversation. I also selected 3 skeins of lace yarn. When FabYarn found that they didn't have all three in the same dye lot, they sent an email right away and ask about shipping. I told them to hang on to the needles and wait for the yarn but I guess they did not like how long their supplier took because they sent the needles separately along with another email to tell me when to expect the yarn. WOW!! I've never had a company do such a good job communicating! It's OK to wait as long as you have information. Their shipping confirmations all come with a stamps,com tracking number so I knew exactly where my package was. Terrific service. - Joyce

5/22/2015 Not your grandma'so knitting store. Love the super bulky multicolored hand spun!
by: bubbawanda5

5/22/2015 The Live Chat was the selling point, because i was able to establish quickly that this delicious yarn was in fact in stock. It is what I have been wanting and the price was compelling for me. I knit SO much and this yarn is not easily found in my local yarn shops. The owner clearly curates her inventory beautifully.
by: debora

5/22/2015 glorious, gorgeous, great
by: francis321

10/10/2014 I love this site. It has a great selection of products, innovative products, yarn, I will be a returning customer for ever! Especially since the shipping is fast!
by: leigha

10/10 Very impressed with prices & free shipping.
by: randellehayes

10/8 I really enjoyed the shopping experience, but it would be so much easier if you are dealing with multi colored yarns to have a pop up box of colors that go with the product selected that match and you could just match from the pop up box
by: beliveau6
Reply: We so agree with you - we've been around for a long time, so our technology is very old - we are moving to a new website in the next year that will do all that you state and more! So please bear with us!

10/8 I love your store so much. very artistic.
by: umojyakyoko

10/8 Great
by: winifredpowelson

10/7 I like fabulousyarns a lot, your speed of shipping and the volume discount, especially. I just find there is still something can be done about your website to make it more clear and informative and convenient.
by: Hululumm
Reply: Thanks Hulul! We appreciate the comment - we're always working to update the site - so just let us know what you meant by more informative and convenient! Thanks!

10/9 The website is user-unfriendly. You need to update it as your yarns are out of stock. You also need to change your outgoing phone message. The "lah-de-dah" attitude of "I'll get to it when I get to it" doesn't cut it with customers. It's extremely confusing to order, and extremely frustrating to reach a human. I did send an email which was not answered.
by: rfhes
Reply: Hi rfhes - Just a followup to the email we sent via our ticketing system - I am so sorry we seem to have missed your emails - I checked every place we receive an email, on our ticketing system, via our live chat, and even on Ichat and aol instant messenger and I don't see any emails at all! Did you receive a confirmation from us? Please let us know where the email was sent and the date - and we would be delighted to follow up! And we do answer the phone - 12 - 6 wed - saturday. If we don't pickup, we may just be in the warehouse or the shop helping someone out or fixing an order issue - so don't give up! And please let us know what you mean by un-friendly - it will help us fix it!


Beautiful yarns - excellent customer service
by: sgespanol203


Love the Daily Deals! A great selection of yarns at excellent prices. Nice packaging and fast shipping.
by: cookiekirwan

This was my first visit to Fabyarns but you can bet your entire stash it won't be my last. The site is well designed, the prices are fricken amazing and the selection of yarn.... OH MY GOODNESS. I CANNOT EVEN.
by: grittyknitter

I order regularly and since my first orders in 2007 I have always gotten excellent service. That combined with extraordinary products and unequalled value has kept me coming back. Now they know my preferences and don't hesitate to question odd/perhaps mistaken choices based on my past orders, they correct my goofs. I can think of no other internet vendor I trust more or even communicate with - we're on a first name basis now. With regard to the recent order debacle where the box arrived empty I didn't have a moment of doubt that they'd take care of it. I went to the web site, as instructed, and opened an instant chat (which I'm not very good at) and I got Judy herownself. I took pic of box label & markings with iPhone, emailed it, and - ta da! Problem solved. Best web site, best service, best products and value, and best of all - colorful commentary and assistance from the very best people. SPD 3/15/2014

Brieanne Gibbon Via Facebook 3/9/2012

Absolutely, hands down the best yarn store online. My first order they shipped right away but UPS had some hangups (obviously that is not Fabulous Yarns fault) but I contacted them and asked if they could ship by USPS next order. Just got done ordering another large order, they remembered and did exactly as I asked plus it shipped the same day. Thank you for having the best customer service! Thank you for caring about your customers and making sure they are 100% satisfied. You've gained a "forever customer"!

Kari Duma-White (3/14/2013)
(via facebook)

I got my yarn yesterday and I'm in love! I'd been searching all over for a deal on the sari yarn and you had the best offers, gave a coupon and had very reasonable shipping. Also, I couldn't believe how fast it came. Thanks for a great shopping experience.

June 2012 Customer Comments:

Ruth Winters 11/12/2012 via facebook

FAB and Judy are fantastic. They do what it takes to make their customers happy. I just asked if they had the new summer swirl artyarns in ensemble light/ cashmere....poof, in a matter of an hour they were available for ordering. Really looking forward to getting my package next week...the possibilities are endless as to what to make...Artyarns is lucky to have FAB supporting their wonderful yarns !

Like· · about 7 months ago

I wanted to tell you that I just received my order this afternoon. I thank
you for your amazingly quick service and fulfillment of my order. I really
appreciate it.

Myrna-Sue Shimberg

MAY 2012 Customer Comments:

From FACEBOOK Friend Laura Snazel:
Artyarns’ "magical discount" at checkout, is a great reason to browse and shop for yarn at this site, but for me there is so much more!
I like to browse and "study". Their presentation of yarn provides thorough descriptions with large, clear images. For every color offered of the fibers they sell, you'll get a same-page view of your selection when clicking your color choice; the ability to see large images of each color without being directed to another page, another tab, a bothersome pop-up, or especially trying to make out smaller images, makes a huge difference when making an online yarn purchasing decision. Add to this the thoughtful descriptions provided with each colored yarn- delightful! It's fun to go through each color and visualize what your finished item would look like in every color they carry!
Over the many years I’ve browsed and shopped countless, many yarn websites. Hats off,, it feels as close to a LYS as can be- I am in MY yarn store!

From Facebook Friend Amanda Miller:
Received my order of Addi Lace Clicks today. I LOVE them!! I'm already half way through a hat, I just can't set them down! Thank you for the speedy shipping, wonderful price and FAB service :)


Shopping here went flawlessly. I particularly appreciate the color descriptions of the madelinetosh merino light yarns since it is very hard to tell the true color because of monitor differences. Your site is easy to navigate and my order arrived in no time. And of course, your discounts are great! I will be buying my yarn here again. Thanks.


*we do almost all our own photography because we've found that the pictures provided by most yarn companies just don't do the yarn justice.


Hi and good afternoon.
I ordered from you recently and have received nothing but wonderful customer service! I was pleasantly surprised that my needs were remembered a few days after my order was placed and the issue seemingly resolved. I had ordered a yarn that was discontinued and was told that there was not any more in the store so I had that portion of my order refunded. A few days later, I got an email telling me that one skein (the amount that I originally wanted) had been found and it was offered to me. I was very surprised and I felt like a very important customer, even though my original order only amounted to a little over $200. I am happy to do business with a store that treats all of it's customers so well. I received the part of my order that was not a special order very quickly and I am most pleased with the mink (which, since I don't touch dead parts, I had never touched before). It smells like freshly washed hair and I am going to be so very sorry to wash it because it smells so good. I want to bury my face in fact, I am trying to figure out the best way to make use of this yarn in a larger project than the neck wrap that I had in mind. I was also very pleased with the Artyarns cashmere 5 that I received. The stitches are beautiful in crochet since the strands of yarn are visible in each stitch. It sure is soft and squishy, too! I do wish, however, that the person who packed the yarn would have put the yarns into different plastic wrappings before putting them into the bag together. I had to pick off mink fibers from the cashmere (the mink is the darkest colorway and the cashmere is off-white) and it was a little off-putting. It is a very small complaint, but your beautiful yarns are very much a luxury for me so I want to enjoy everything about them. Thank you for the great customer service. You will surely be seeing me again and I will also be telling everyone I know what a great store you are!



I just wanted to write and tell you that I love your site and the yarn I ordered came and it is so beautiful. Thanks so much for your speedy service, quality yarns, and low prices. I will make your store my #1 fave.

Melody Johnson --
Melody Johnson 2038 S.R. 399 Palmer TN 37365 931-779-2038 Blog: Paintings: Art quilts:


thank you very much! i really appreciate your policy on unused yarn and the service has been fantastic - much better than my local yarn store thanks again
allyson mertins


Just a sincere thank you. Not only for what you offer but how you do things. I am very impressed, and happy.
Lynne Peterson

1/6/2011 via email

Thank you! I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful online shopping experiences I've had with Fabulous Yarn. Your selection of yarns, tools and gifts is excellent and everything I've ever ordered has arrived quickly and very nicely wrapped. I am especially appreciative of your low shipping rates! I usually place smaller orders and am very happy ordering from your website and paying a small shipping fee instead of using the gas to drive a few towns over to find a brick and mortar yarn shop.

Karen Bell

I love this store - GREAT prices and GREAT service! All my experiences have been positive ones! ... 5 / 5 .

"Excellent service and a wonderful selection of yarns." * 5 / 5 ...

Excellent service and a wonderful selection of yarns. I would certainly buy from them again! ... -

"... Great fast service, excellent communication. Beautiful Lantern Moon needles IN STOCK! ... - * 5 / 5

... Great service, and very fast order processing. I will use this company again. ... * 5 / 5

"great price and discount, fast shipping, no problems" * 5 / 5

"Great online shopping experience!" * 5 / 5

... Great online shopping experience! You deal with real people, not some service center. Their discounts and shipping policies are also really nice. ... - 5 / 5

"Very good service. By Shopper - Mar 29, 2010 - Google Checkout Reviews 2. 5/5

"5 This is a 5 star review. By Shopper - Mar 17, 2010 - Google Checkout Reviews 3. 5 / 5

"I love this store - GREAT prices and GREAT service! All my experiences have been positive ones! By Shopper - Mar 1, 2010 - Google Checkout Reviews 4. 5 / 5

"Great! No problems, my yarn arrived within a few days! By Shopper - Feb 2, 2010 - Google Checkout Reviews 5. 5 / 5

"they aren't called fabulous yarn for nothing! By Shopper - Jan 24, 2010 - Google Checkout Reviews 6. 5 / 5

"No problems with this seller. Received product promptly. Was a pleasure to deal with. By Deborah - Jan 17, 2010 - Google Checkout Reviews 7. 5 / 5

"fabulous selection, friendly fast service, no hassles. Love this store! By Shopper - Jan 16, 2010 - Google Checkout Reviews 8. 5 / 5

"Beautiful yarn, delivered quickly! Thank you! By Barbara - Dec 28, 2009 - Google Checkout Review. 5 / 5

"Overall it was excellent. I had a question and they responded immediately. By scout - Dec 18, 2009 - Google Checkout Reviews 5 / 5
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