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Great Knitting Gifts

fab sheep cards

We're often asked how to choose a gift for a knitter. It can be a tough call, but for us the trick is finding a gift that matches someones personality, finding something you know they don't have, maybe giving a new knitter a starter kit—or going out on a limb and buying something totally extravagant—something you know they would never buy for themselves!

No matter how experienced or well-stocked your knitter is, follow your heart and you'll find the perfect gift! If you need help just ask and we'll help put together the perfect gift for your knitter! Anything can be a gift at FAB! Just click MAKE IT A GIFT at Checkout, and we'll add gift wrap and a custom card for only $5.00.

If it's late and you need a great gift, choose a Fab Gift Certificate! Depending on how late, you can get anything from a nicely packaged printed certificate to an instant gift certificate, all with custom messages. 

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