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Knit in Public Day with Fabulous Yarn! (Press Release!)

Press Release:

Fabulous yarn hosts KNIT IN PUBLIC day at the SHOP in TIVOLI NY 

Come KNIT along with us and enjoy a 30% off sale everything in the shop! Bring your own yarn and needles and join our livestream to celebrate the KRAFT we LOVE! (Crochet is going to be celebrated TOO!)

June 10th 2023 marks the 11th annual Worldwide Knit in Public Day, an international event where knitting enthusiasts gather to share their passion and celebrate the art of knitting.

Organized by the Worldwide Knitting Network, the event encourages knitters to bring their work outdoors and share the craft with their community. This year, the event will be celebrated in more than 35 countries around the globe.

The mission of Worldwide Knit in Public Day is to promote the craft of knitting, encourage people of all skill levels to take part, and bring together the large and diverse knitting community.

This year’s event will include a variety of activities, such as a “knit-along” where participants can work on a project together, workshops to learn new techniques, and even a “knit-off” competition to determine who can knit the fastest.

The event will also feature a variety of vendors offering a range of knitting supplies and accessories.

Organizers hope that by bringing together knitters from around the world, they can show the world the beauty of the craft and create an experience that knitters of all ages and skill levels can appreciate.

Worldwide Knit in Public Day is an event that anyone can take part in, and the organizers are encouraging all knitters to join in the celebration. Whether it’s a group or individual activity, the event is a great way to show your love of knitting and support the community.

For more information about Worldwide Knit in Public Day, please visit the website at

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