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Artyarns - Beaded Silk Light (H series)

Bead Color
H1 Cherry POP
H2 Peridot
H3 Sargasso Sea
H4 Scarab
H5 Violetas
H6 Burnt Orange
H7 Heart
H8 Gold
H9 Deep Greens
H10 Rose Ombre
H11 Black Cherry
H12 Antique Ivory
H13 Emerald City
H14 Cloudy
H15 Stawberry Sundae
H16 Winter Bouquet
H17 Emerald Purple
H18 Citiscape
H19 Charcoal Browns
H20 Dune
H21 Inky Blues
H22 Vertes
H23 Emeralds
H24 Wild Berries
H25 Hot Coral Pinks
H26 Tahiti
H27 Cake
H28 Citronella
H29 Hot Coral
H30 Tutti Fruitti
H31 Lilac Parfait
H32 Go Green
H33 Rushes
H34 Paradise
H35 Wild Bue Yonder
H36 Paradise
H37 Bashful
H38 Fleur
Beautiful beaded silk in a new lighter weight with more yardage - great alternative to beaded mohair! Wonderful for openwork projects, this embellished yarn can be used in place of the very popular Beaded Mohair for those who don't like the feel of mohair on their skin.

FIBER: 100% Silk with Beads

LENGTH:50 grams 146 meters/160 yards

GAUGE: 5 Stitches per inch on #6; may be used on larger needles
SOURCE: HAND-MADE in the US from imported japanese silkCARE: dry clean/handwash| AIR DRY LAYING FLAT