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Artyarns - Cashmere Eco (DK)

Aqua Tonal (2363)
Antique Floral (1044)
Blueberry (608)
Bonnard (501)
Bright Sapphire (EC15)
Cararra Marble (EC7)
Charcoal Tonal (EC2)
Cherry Red (EC4)
Chocolate Cherry (EC11)
Deep Teal (328)
Denim Blue (334)
EcoGreen (EC6)
Fairytale (528)
Flouro (EC14)
Fruit Salad (605)
Glacier Blue (2368)
Hippie Multi (CC2)
Iris Multi (525)
Jet Stream (607)
Koons (516)
Lilac (354)
Lillies & Limes (618)
Outrageous Orange (N19D)
Pattycake Pink (N22B)
Queen Blue (CC1)
Silver Grey (247)
Stonewash Sage Blue (1043)
Thundersky (EC3)
Wild Purple (298)
Wyeth (506)
Nature (144)
Silvertone (EC10)
Pinky Boots (626)
Glow (275)
Mosaic Blue (612)
Cloudy (EC1)
Light Taupe (N2)
Black Tonal
Charcoal Tonal (2264)
Handsome Blue (143)
Indian Sunset (527)
Montagne (1040)
Silver Tonal (2247)
Silver Tonal (2272)
Volcanoes Yellow (319)

This gorgeous part-recycled Cashmere is good for you and the world! 

  • 50/50 Virgin/Repurposed Handpainted Italian Cashmere
  • Sustainable, spun in Italy from 50% recycled materials, and hand-dyed in New York
  • Unbelievably soft, never pills, gets softer with washing (gentle cycle cold water)

Each skein with generous 164 yards is light worsted/DK and perfect on size 6 - 8 US needles Free with your purchase: the Slipped Chevron Cowl Pattern