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Artyarns National Parks Limited Edition Series - SEQUOIA

Merino Cloud
Beaded Silk & Sequins Light (Gold)
Silk Day Dream
Eco Cashmere
Beaded Silk & Sequins Light - 319 Yellow (Gold)
Merino Cloud - 319 Yellow
Silk Dream 319 Yellow
Sequoia - Fade 1 MC (SEQ/925/H43)
Sequoia - Fade 2 MC (SEQ/937/CC3)
Sequoia - Fade 3 MC (SEQ/907/CC2)
Sequoia - Fade 4 MC (SEQ/511/H43)
Sequoia - Fade 5 MC (SEQ/511/2234)
Sequoia - Fade 6 MC (SEQ/167TW/1023)
Sequoia - Fade 7 MC (SEQ/H9/H27)
Eco Cashmere - 319 Yellow
Sequoia Bark 2293 - Merino Cloud
Sequoia - Bark - Beaded Silk Sequins (Gold)
Sequoia - Silk Day Dream Bark 2293
Sequoia - Eco Cashmere - Bark 2293
The latest in our series of fabulous handpaints by artyarns, Sequoia celebrates one of Americas most glorious natural wonders, the Big Tree Park! Our wonderful national parks are sure to inspire you, just as the parks have inspired billions of visitors! A portion of the proceeds will be given to the NPS to support one of our most incredible natural resources!