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Atenti Bag - Maxi Tote

Summer Queen (B3SQ)
Pointer (B3PR)
Henna (B3HN)
Wild Garden (B3WG)
Birdy Black (B3YB)
Night Bloom (B3NB)
Snowflakes (B3WF)
Posy Yellow (B3SYY)
Denim Bloom (B3NM)
Madrid (B3MD)
Aquarella (B3QU)
Sari (B3SA)
Santa Rita (B3SRT)
Roses in the Night (B3RN)
Grappa (B3GP)
Purple Poppies (B3PP)
Kaleidoscope (B3KP)
Parrots (B3RR)
Samoa (B3AO)
Licorice (B3LC)
Santa Ana (B3SAN)
Aqua Rust (B3AR)
Camillo (B3CM)
Maize Me (B3MM)
Fiore Maxi (B3FO)
Memoire (B3MEM)
Amalfi (B3AM)
Regina (B3RG)
Trunks (B3TK)
Sedona (B3NA)
Casablanca (B3CN)
Santa Maria (B3SM)
Calypso (B3CPR)
The Atenti̴Ì_ Maxi Tote ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ Fabulous fashionable fabrics in rich colors is framed with contrasting gussets & straps. The Maxi tote is practical and roomy with double 26‰ۡó? suede shoulder straps and it is fully lined in water resistant taffeta with a zippered pocket and a divided pocket with a cell phone slot.
Dimension: 19.00"W x 12.00"H x 7.00"D
Weight: 1.50 lbs