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Be Sweet - Mohair Boucle Yarn

Most mohair boucle yarns have a touch of synthetic in them - and, they are often made from not the softest mohair but the extra - the coarser curls. Not the case with ̴Ì_Be Sweet Mohair Boucle. This is a no-itch boucle - the mohair is softer than soft - not harshly processed by machine but hand-spun, and there is no synthetic in this yarn, no nylon or acrylic. You can wrap this around your shoulders at the beach and stay warm and still be in the middle of summer. It's a fabulous yarn.

100% Handspun and Hand Dyed Mohair Boucle Weight: 50 gms Yards: Approx:100 yds
13 st and 20 rows in 4" On US 10 Needles
Hasndwash lay flat to dry