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Belangor French Angora

801 White
802 Pink
803 Baby Blue
805 Lilac
807 Pearl Grey
808 Powder
809 Beige
810 Biscayne
811 Brown
812 Scarlett
813 Taupe
814 Royal
815 Navy
816 Black
825 Lavender
830 Turquoise
831 Green Apple
832 Cherry Blossom
833 Flamingo
834 Carolina Blue
835 Holly
856 Grenat
860 Champagne
861 Llght Camel
863 Copen Blue
868 Canary
870 Dark Grey
871 Oatmeal
876 Off White
885 Mink
889 Fuschia
890 Charbon
891 Menthe
892 Nectar
893 Romarin
894 Victorienne
895 Classique
896 Dor
897 Soleil
898 Prairie
899 Marine
900 Aubergine
901 Princesse

IT is with great sadness that we must announce that for the near term future, BELANGOR French Angora production, the most humanely produced angora on the planet, has pretty much been shut down due to pressure from PETA in France. Unfortunately, what this means is that most of the angora coming into the US will come out of china - where it is produced in absolutely inhumane ways. If you are searching for Angora on AMAZON, please know that most of the Angora sold there is NOT pure angora, but mostly a teeny bit of angora blended in with unidentifiable fiber. We order to test this from AMAZON - so we know. It is NOT pure, or even decent quality angora. Don't be fooled.

Belangor hand combed french angora. Product of France. Imported by Joseph Galler Content: 100% angora Weight: 10 grams Length: 33 yards Gauge: 4 stitches per inch Suggested Needles: US size 5 (3.75 mm); Hook size F