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Knitters Pride - 40" Dreamz Circular Needles

Knitters Pride

Knitters Pride - 40" Dreamz Circular Needles

$ 8.00

There are lots of reasons to love DREAMZ circular needles, from Knitters Pride. The beautiful, specially hardened birch that holds up to the tensest of knitters without breaking. The fact that they are color coded, so more looking at the same needle three time trying to find the right size - or the cables, which are soft and lovely and flexible. The joins that don't snag. The sizing marks on both the needles and on the metal end caps. And of course, there is the VERY reasonable price. Whatever reason you choose, these fantastic circulars will make your knitting and your fingers, happy.í«ÌÎ_í«ÌÎ_Available in 40" Lengthí«ÌÎ_in sizesí«ÌÎ_US0-US19

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