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Zen Yarn Garden - Serenity Singles

An Orchid (Artwalk)
Blue Nude (Artwalk)
Card Players (Artwalk)
Cote D'Azur (Artwalk)
Delft (Artwalk)
Diamond Dust Shoes (Artwalk)
Dish of Pears (Artwalk)
Eagle (Artwalk)
Grief - Jack B. Yeats (Artwalk)
It Came Out Great! (LE)
Jackson Pollock - No. 18 (Artwalk)
Laughter - Jill Martin (Artwalk)
Mediterranean Landscape (Artwalk)
Mountains and Lakes (Artwalk)
Party in a Skein (LE)
Petunias (Artwalk)
Rejoice (Artwalk)
Renoir Strawberries (Artwalk)
Samaritan (Artwalk)
The Red Room (Artwalk)
Trees in Autumn (Artwalk)
Walking to Church (Artwalk)
Wine Cork (LE)
Serenity Silk Singles are a stunning single-ply blend of Cashmere, Silk and Super Merino. We're offering this fabulous yarn in the ARTWALK Series of Colorways from ZEN YARN GARDEN - All are one of kind - limited edition colorways.