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Blue Sky Alpacas - Bulky Alpaca Wool

1001 Lynx
1002 Silver Mink
1003 Porcupine
1004 Polar Bear
1006 Brown Bear
1007 Grey Wolf
1008 Black Bear
1210 Blossom
1211 Frost
1212 Grasshopper
1213 Jasmine
1214 Pluto
1215 Claret
1216 Cayenne
1217 Curry
1218 Azalea
1219 Atlantis
1220 Lava
1221 Boysenberry
1222 Seaweed
1223 Coyote
1224 Sunglo
1225 Shine
1226 Marine
Hedgehog (1229)
Rainforest (1227)
Steel Blue (1228)
Blue Sky Alpacas are known their fabulous colors, fantastic patterns, and unique fiber combinations - with a focus on alpaca. Blue Sky Bulky is no exception - Gorgeous colors, and a wonderful, true bulky weight yarn in an alpaca wool yarn blend that is ultra soft, knits up fast, and is a great quality yarn. Ultra soft, thanks to that lovely alpaca fiber, and extra lustre, from the wool, and it's unusual unplied twist. - almost roving in a way it knits up fast and is totally fun for any project - check out our their patterns - great for beginning to advanced knitters.

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